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The Mundane but Neccessary and Important Things

Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz is Copyright 2012, and the name is owned by Beata Kucinski-Thomson. Please respect the copyight rules.  In no circumstances should any of the material (written and artwork) published on the site be used in any other sites, blogs and or in any other media. 
All artwork and photographs are created by Beata Kucinski-Thomson and copyrighted, excluding the 'Poppy' and 'Dragonfly' artwork. If you would like to use any of the images from the Bumble Bee Artzzz and Crafzzz website, by all means contact Beata and she will most likely be willing to give you permission to do so.
The Poppy and Dragonfly Artwork on the background of this site is the wonderful work of Dana Kucinski, who kindly helped create this background. Dana's artwork is also copyrighted.