About Bumble Bee

"Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Beata Kucinski-Thomson but the name Bumble Bee has sort of stuck with me since I was a teenager after my step dad started calling me this (I think this was a result of me always bumbling about, although I like to think of it as being busy all the time).

Drawing and doing creative things is something I have always done throughout my childhood and in to my adulthood, however I did not intend on pursuing it as a career, infact wildlife conservation was my chosen path. I have studied wildlife and environmental courses both at undergraduate and post graduate levels in the hope of making my stand in the sector. My wide eyed ambition to protect animals and change the world has been an emotional journey, and the reality of finding employment in this sector hit me. I guess I am too proud and stubborn a character and am not willing to join the 'dark side' as such and abandon my morals and ethics and I refuse to get caught up in the politics and bureaucracy.

Nonetheless I have not fully given up with my ambition to make a difference, and I joined forces with my sister and family to start a small wildlife and animal welfare charity in which we aimed to combine creative work with environmental education. Unfortunately due to financial restrictions we have had to dissolve the charity, and instead I hope to achieve the same goals through this business. I decided to started Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz during the spring of 2012 in the hope of making it my profession. My artwork is inspired by nature and is founded on my environmental and ethical beliefs.

I have two dogs, a border collie and a welsh collie, and a black cat, I therefore spend hours out walking my dogs in the countryside and this is when I get much of my inspiration."