Ethics and Morals

Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz is
Inspired By Nature and therefore has the Wellbeing of Nature in its heart and soul.

Bee's ethical and environmental principles are reflected in Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz
She believes in the following -

Reducing Energy Use

 Even if it means sitting in the dark with just one energy saving lamp on.

Preventing Chemical Pollution

 Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz therefore uses environmentally friendly products such as Ecover and Methods cleaning products. Making the Bee Hive and Studio squeaky clean and guilt free. Art materials are also chemical free.


Reducing Waste, Reusing and Recycling

 Bumble Bee strives to reduce her waste and will use scraps of paper to do her sketches. She constantly reuses things, such as honey jars as pencil holders to keep her studio nice and tidy. All products are created using recycled paper and plastics and Bee will promise to research in to other products that are made from recycled materials. Her drawing sketch pads are also made from recycled papers, even the toilet paper, and the bin bags. She recycles religiously too. Plastic bags are also banned at Bumble Bee Artzzz and Craftzzz and she supports linen shopping bags.

Helping the Bees, Butterflies and Birds

The garden is rich in flowers such as honeysuckle, the Bees and Butterflies love this! A bird feeder hangs in the garden so a group of house sparrows have taken up residence in the garden and blackbirds and other birds visit often.